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This documentation is a technical reference for the Quasar library. In order to access Jupyter Notebook tutorials, which include explanations and examples of circuit-model programming using Quasar, first sign up for a Forge API key at Then click on the Jupyter Notebooks tab in Forge to go to your personal Notebook. Start with GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/start_here.ipynb and refer to the following notebook documents corresponding to each topic:

  • Circuits and Gates:

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_circuit_composition.ipynb

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_gate_library.ipynb

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_parameters.ipynb

  • Pauli Operators:

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_derivatives.ipynb

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_parameters.ipynb

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_pauli.ipynb

  • Backends:

    • GettingStarted/Examples/Circuits/quasar_measurement.ipynb